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Travel Sexy
As the standard-setting organizer of 5-star luxury erotic lifestyle adventures, helps couples discover sexy, life-changing, exotic vacation opportunities.

Our Member's Thoughts:

• "We both loved our entire adventure, the organisation of all that was on offer to us was world class, and absolutely outstanding. The SOT staff were always unbelievably accommodating towards all their clients."

• "It was our first experience in this kind of holiday . We were so impressed with the people we meet and how friendly everyone was . This cruise has also brought us so much closer as a couple, it was a great experience, thank you."

• "The people were fantastic. It is the reason for booking with Shoes Only. We are always guaranteed to meet the best most fun people around. A good mix if lifestylers and others brings the ship into a very happy a lively mix where anything can happen which adds to the excitement."

• "Incredible and Sexy People, Accommodations, Atmosphere, Service and Adventure. If you are looking for the best in all this and more, this is your travel company."

• "Shoes Only exceeded our expectations in every area. Their attention to Detail showed in everything they did. Truly a First Class 5 Star Experience and we Will book with them again."

• "We have very demanding jobs and 5 kids, this trip rekindled our romance and we have fallen in love again."

• "Experience of a lifetime. Bangkok is a crazy night and day city. Loved every minute of it. More than we expected for sure."

• "This trip was spot on. Everything seemed to be well planned. An experience that I had come to expect from Shoes Only."

• "This was our best vacation ever in terms of fun and relaxation."

• "Hands down the best lifestyle trip ever! The energy level was off the chart. The other guests were intelligent great looking. Shoes Only was by far the best erotic vacation experience we have ever had."

• "This was the most fun we have had in one week... & only wonder if it's possible to match or exceed the experience... will be back to find out!!"

• "Unlike every other lifestyle trip we've done, this group was well-educated and worldly. A refreshing change from the typical people we have met at other venues."

Exotic and Erotic Vacations

How are our travel adventures different from traditional cruises, resorts and vacation spots? Well, what we organize here are called classy nude and swinger vacations for a reason. But at the same time, they're so much more!

When you book an erotic vacation through us, you're immediately entered into an exclusive club of professional, polite and passionate people. That's right - our past and present members aren't your average swingers (even though many do like swinging!). Instead, they're professionals by day and passionate, sexy lovers by night. And just like you, they're looking to vacation!

To give these sexies exactly what they want, we have an erotic lifestyle team that not only books your vacation but also chaperones it, ensuring you have the best time of your life. Whether you choose a clothing-optional cruise, a luxury resort takeover, or a private estate getaway, you can rest assured that your experience will be sensuous, passionate and relaxing. Think of it as a 5-star summer camp for adults.

Now hop on board, and let us tell you all about what you've been missing out on.

Your Sexiest Getaway Awaits ...

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